Snowmobiling, also known as snocross and sledding is an easy and very accessible way of taking in the great outdoors and crisp winter air. The general features of snowmobiles are similar to wheelchairs: Seat height, hand-controls and no foot pedals or foot-activated controls make snowmobiling very inviting to individuals with mobility impairments.

Selection of equipment is based on an individual's specific disability. Good upper- body strength and reliable hand control are essential for safe use of any snowmobile. Equipment modifications can include the attachment of looped rubber tubing to the foot platform to maintain the lower extremities in the proper position. There are also highly modified snowmobiles that have a bucket seat with suspension and even swivel capabilities. Layered clothing for individuals with poor or limited circulation in the lower extremities is advised. Anyone interested in this activity should consult local dealers for suggestions on equipment selection and assistance making modifications. The other option is to buy a used snowmobile and fabricate and create all of the necessary modifications on your own, or with help from your family, friends, or local shop.
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