What is Sit Ski? Well Sit Ski is a sport that uses adaptive equipment in order to be able to get back on the mountains and down the slopes. There are a few different types of adaptive devices and equipment that are used, the original Sit-Ski was one of the first sitting position skis developed, for individuals with lower extremity limitations. This may include those with

multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, lower extremity amputations, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, brain injury or spinal cord injuries. The Sit-Ski is usually preferred by people with significant physical limitations. To turn the Sit-Ski, a skier can drag very short ski poles in the snow and lean in the desired direction.

Since the development of the first Sit Ski there have been even better models built. One that is widely used is the Mono-Ski that was developed for

individuals who ski in a sitting position. A mono-skier should have good upper body strength, balance and trunk mobility. An individual with double lower extremity amputations, spina bifida, or with a spinal cord injury of T-6 or below is a good candidate for the mono-ski. The skier sits in a molded seat (bucket) mounted to a frame above a single ski. A shock absorber links the frame to the ski. Two outriggers are used for balance and turning. The design of the mono-ski allows the skier to use the ski dynamically.

The mono-ski is designed so the skier can independently load onto the chairlift. This provides the opportunity for an independent ski experience. A mono-skier can achieve a very high skill level and ski some of the most challenging terrain.

The other Ski that is used is a Bi-Ski.

mono ski
A Bi-Skier sits in a molded fiberglass shell above two specially designed skis. The two skis give a wider base and better balance than a Mono-Ski. The Bi-Ski can be skied independently with the use of two outriggers for balance and turning.
  For beginner skiers and those needing more assistance, fixed outriggers and a handlebar can be utilized. The Bi-Ski must be tethered by a ski instructor whenever the fixed outriggers are used.

Play Video above to watch the First Backflip on a Sit Ski