Action sports such as BMX street biking, skateboarding,, and other action sports have been around for quite some time. These sports are mainly performed by able bodied athletes and cannot be done by those with high level injuries and limited mobility. There are many of those with disabilities that once were a part of these sports or would of liked to have been. A new sport for disabled wheelchair bound extreme athletes called "Chairing" brings things to a another level. This sport is not for everyone and can be very dangerous. For those few that are looking to catch that adrenaline and feel the freedom of being airborne this sport is sick. This sport is fairly new and has only been performed for a few years, but with time and new high performance power chairs this sport will just get bigger and faster. Expect bigger jumps, new gaps, new obstacles, and grinding...yes grinding coming soon.

Please show your interest and support, and together we can change the future and revolutionize this new sport.

  Pictures and video above of John J2 Mryczko            
    The power chairs currently used have a top speed of 10 mph. This is a decent speed, but just not fast enough. Extreme Chairing is looking for companies, business, and sponsors to help in any way possible to develop the X Chair. This chair will have a speed of 25+ mph, large air filled knobby tires, and a great suspension to soften the rough terrain. We are looking for supportive sponsors to help us revolutionize this new chair. So if you would like to help be a part of something new and a part of history please contact us.