Chairing or also known as Hardcore Sitting is a sport that involves a person to perform stunts and tricks in there there wheelchair. Since wheelchairs were around people have been doing wheelie's in them, but in the mid 90s a select few started taking there wheelchairs to skateboard parks and would push there limits by dropping into ramps, carving on ramps, and even started getting airborne. As time went by more and more people who used wheelchairs started to do stunts and develope different tricks.

In 2006 the sport of Chairing got even more popular when a young teenager by the name of Arron "Wheelz" Fotheringham took the sport to a completely new level when he successfully pulled the first back flip. The story of the wheelchair back flip spread like wildfire and got even more popular and had more people who live lives in wheelchairs find out about Chairing.

Since 2006 there have been even more landed and invented stunts and tricks. With even a double back flip landed in 2010 by Wheelz. As time goes by the sport will only get more popular, and will give kids and adults who use wheelchairs a optional sport to try and get involved in.