Extreme Chairing athlete Sjees wins gold for Mono X at
Winter X Games 12

Action sports athlete Kees-Jan van der Klooster "Sjees" from Holland competed in this years winter X Games 12 in Aspen Colorado that took place from January 23rd - 27th.
He raced against some of the top Sitski athletes in the world.
After 4 days of practice and qualifying races the finals were held on the last day of Winter X. All the Mono X racers took off from the starting gate evenly, but by the time the first jump came Sjees pulled into 2nd. The race was very tight between 3 of the 4 racers when mid section of the race course Kevin Bramble who was in first lost his edge around a berm and crashed. Sjees just missing him made the pass and shot into first. He kept his control for the rest of the run and finished with a huge air down to the finish line, taking gold. Congratulations to Sjees and all the Mono X athletes who participated in racing on one of the most dangerous courses in Winter X history.

Click here to hear more about Sjees Winter X experience from his own words.


Mono X Final Results

Sunday, January 27, 2008
Rank Name Run

1 Kees-Jan van der Klooster 117.77
2 Tyler Walker 121.52
3 Chris Devlin-Young 161.61

4 Kevin Bramble 244.



Mono X Semi Final Results

Friday, January 25, 2008
Rank Name Run

Semifinals (Heat 1)
1 Kevin Bramble 122.15
2 Chris Devlin-Young 122.49
3 Sam Ferguson 130.69
4 Carl Burnett 138.95

Semifinals (Heat 2)
1 Tyler Walker 124.81
2 Kees-Jan van der Klooster 125.91
3 Scott Meyer 126.57
4 Gerald Hayden 137.04


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