J2 Rides & Rages Again!


After many years of working on his secret project it has finally been completed. John J2 Mryczko is a ex able bodied action sports athlete that refuses to let his spinal cord injury keep him away from the action sports he loves. He together with 2 close friends (Shaun Harkin & Daniel Partyka) developed a dune buggies that is controlled by hand controls. The steering works with a joystick that controls a actuator motor. The gas and brake are controlled by a separate lever configuration. This vehicle is a prototype and first of its kind. This XTV vehicle has given J2 a new sense of freedom and has brought him back into the action sports he loves. He has spent the 2009 summer season riding and raging in his new dune buggy kart. He is now determined to trainee and get ready to enter and race in the BAHA 250. BAHA is the worlds largest and most demanding off road race series. J2 is working together with new company Freedom Vehicles on a newer more powerful kart for the 2010 season. J2 hopes to get these Adaptive All Terrain Vehicle's out to others with high level injuries and limited mobility. For more information on these AATV's go to www.FreedomVehicles.com

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