Extreme Chairing Fundraiser Jam 2009


On September 5th Extreme Chairing held there first Fundraiser Rock Jam. The event was held at The Beat Kitchen in Chicago.  The show featured 3 bands that played great and incredible music all night long. The show was also hosted by funny man Bart Barello. The night started off at 9:30 with The Howling Tumbleweeds opening the show with there unique sound that had people dancing and moving from the very start. The Howlin Tumbleweeds played a great set that ended at 10:15.   The next band to perform was The Safes who started at 10:30 and had the Beat Kitchen Rocking.  The Safes played until 11:15 and then CEO of Extreme Chairing John Mryczko was handed the mic and talked to the audience about how Extreme Chairing started and what the organization is all about. After his 10 minute talk The Its came on stage for the first time in 1 year to a packed house.  The Attendance and amount of people who showed up was amazing. The Its played a 45 minute set of some of there best songs from all 3 albums. They had everyone moving to there unique sound. The show ended strong and all the bands got a huge round of applause from the 100 + people audience. After paying for venue space and promotional material, Extreme Chairing was able to raise $780 for there non profit organization. Extreme Chairing would like to again thank The Howlin Tumbleweeds, The Safes, The Its!, Bart Barello, & all of the 130 people that came to the show. We hope to again put another EC Rock Jam together next year. We hope to see everyone who came this year and new people at the show next year.

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