Super Chairing & J2 Racing Team in Minnesota at TerraCross 2014

The Super Chairing & J2 Racing Team had an awesome and wonderful weekend at TerraCross in Minnesota the weekend of September 6th. We were surrounded by so many great people and sports that we love and are passionate about. There were over 20,000 people at the event and we met, spoke, and promoted to hundreds of people if not thousands. There were many fans, spectators, and companies that were very interested, inspired, and motivated by the Adapted RZR-S UTV, and by the Super Charing Organization. It was such a great time that the day flew by very quickly.

The creator and organizer of the Terracross event was also very impressed and inspired by SC and J2 Racing that he said he wants us back again at this event and others around the country. So if we can find Great sponsors to support us we will be able to make it happen. Thank you to those who helped out and came along on this trip. SC could not do it without you and we greatly appreciate it. We hope to see you again and others at different upcoming events.

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