Adaptive SnoCross at Winter X Games 2014

  Winter X Games was back at Aspen again this January 23rd - 26th.
There were several different snowboard, ski, and snowmobile sports competitions and contests happening during the three day event.
In the past few Winter X Games there have also been Adaptive Sports competitions created and added for the athletes with severe injuries and or limited mobility. One of the favorites, most exciting, and inspirational competition was Mono Skier X. This was a fast downhill race course with jumps that athletes raced down head to head involving five to eight riders at a time in each heat.

Unfortunately this was the second year in a row that the Adaptive Mono Skier X competition did not happen. We are waiting for a response back from an X Games representative to explain the reason why this competition was again not on the list of sports at the event.

The good news is that Adaptive SnoCross Racing was back again for the second year in a row. This competition involves athletes racing adapted snowmobiles on a professionally created race course. These adapted snowmobiles are all custom made and each one is designed a little differently depending on the racers ability and needs to be able to control the snowmobile and stay on it.

The Adaptive Snocross Event is very exciting and inspirational. At this years 2014 Winter X Games seven racers were invited and qualified to race.
Garrett Goodwin, Doug Henry, Chris Heppding, E.J. Poplawski, Mike Schultz, Paul Thacker, and Jim Wazy competed against each other on the SnoCross track January 26th. The event was shown and played live on ESPN January 26th.

Out of the 7 riders in the finals 6 of them had some kind of paralysis of the lower body due to spinal cord injuries they suffered some time in their lives. One of the seven competitors had a one leg amputee which gave him a significant advantage on the course. Checkout the video of the race on the top right with the results of the finish underneath.
Video above features Paul Thacker, a injured SnoCross racer and rider who has competed in the past Winter X Games and was returning to race again in 2014.
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