2013 SC Summer Fundraiser Party


Super Chairing’s 6th annual fundraiser party was a huge success this year! On July 13th, Super Chairing fans and supporters gathered together for a fun night of food, drinks, fun and games, to mingle, dance and party and most importantly, to raise money for a great cause.

The Annual Summer Fundraiser Party featured a full open bar, a wide variety of food, two raffles, and fun and games! We had music blasting and everyone was talking, laughing and having a great time!

Super Chairing had an amazing night, with 50+ attendees, raising a total of $2100 with generous donations of $20 entry fees, $10 Super Chairing t-shirts and $5 raffle tickets. The main raffle consisted of several great prices including: a skydive donated by Skydive Midwest, a delicious Patron tequila bottle set, several different gift cards, a haircut by Professional Marta Mryczko, and shopping and VIP movie passes. The second raffle consisted of Chicago White Sox gear that was generously donated by Super Chairing friend and supporter, Brian, a manager of the White Sox. The prizes included four lower box tickets, two official player jerseys, two ball caps, two winter hats, and a Paul Kenerko bobble head figurine.

All proceeds from the party will help sponsor disabled athletes in their equipment and travels, and give opportunities to disabled individuals to participate in local power wheelchair racing events and adaptive all-terrain vehicle riding events. Thanks to your continued support, these individuals will have a chance to go outdoors, enjoy nature and have fun both in and out of their wheelchairs!

We would like to thank all of our supporters for their sincere generosity in donating to Super Chairing! Your support plays a big part in the continuation of our organization’s work, and we are grateful for donors like you. Your amazing efforts and attendance keep us going. We appreciate you all!


SC Fundraiser Party Break Down

  • Food - $276
  • Liquor/Beer/Beverages - $380
  • Miscellaneous - $200
    Total - $856

Donations & Money Raised:

  • Entry Donations Total- $1520
  • Raffle tickets- $500
  • Shirt sales - $80
    Total - $2100

Total Raised After Expenses = $1244

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