SC 2012 Summer Fundraiser Party


Super Chairing’s 5th annual fundraiser party was a huge success this year! Our biggest turn out of any fundraiser ever hosted!

On July 7th Super Chairing fans and supporters gathered together for a fun night of food, drinks, fun and games, to mingle, dance and party and most importantly, to raise money for a great cause.

The Annual Summer Fundraiser Party featured a full open bar stocked with several types of alcohol ranging from vodka, whiskey, rum, jaeger, and tequila to a variety of domestic and imported beers. Complimenting the drinks was a wide array of appetizers and delicious food ranging from goodies on the grill like chicken, burgers, hot dogs and veggies, to tacos, pizza, and more! We had fun and games like a raffle, bags, beer pong and the usual party favorites! When it comes to music, the party was playing everything from hip hop to punk rock to club style, and everything in between. From the inside bar and club atmosphere, to the outside chill and relaxed atmosphere; everyone felt comfortable and had a great time!

Super Chairing had an amazing night, 65+ guests attended raising $2100 with generous donations of $20 entry fees, $5 Super Chairing t-shirts and $5 raffle tickets. The raffle consisted of: 1st place- a free skydive, 2nd place- a delicious Patron tequila bottle set, and 3rd place- $20. We would like to thank all of our supporters for their sincere generosity in donating to Super Chairing! Your support plays a big part in the continuation of our organization’s work, and we are grateful for donors like you.

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SC Fundraiser Party Break Down

  • Food - $250
  • Liquor/Beer/Beverages - $300
  • Miscellaneous - $50
    Total - $600


  • Entry fees - $1840
  • Raffle - $220
  • Shirt sales - $40
    Total - $2100

Expenses - Donations = $1500

Super Chairing supporter’s generous donations will help sponsor disabled athletes in their equipment and travels and give opportunities to disabled individuals to participate in local power wheelchair racing events and adaptive all-terrain vehicle riding events. Thanks to your continued support, these individuals will have a chance to go outdoors, enjoy nature and have fun both in and out of their wheelchairs.

Super Chairing would like to thank all of its supporters, directors and volunteers for their amazing efforts and great success in hosting and attending our largest fund raiser party ever. We appreciate you all!