Paraplegic Girl goes Bungee Jumping in her Wheelchair!

At first glance it seems like a bizarre prank gone wrong - a woman in a wheelchair is hoisted onto a bridge by a group of men and thrown over the edge.
But her screams are not of terror but pure joy, when the bungee cord bounces her back up again.

Paraplegic Christine Rougoor was tossed 150ft down a ravine attached to a rubber rope as she fulfilled one of her lifelong dreams to do a bungee jump.

Rougoor’s life itself has been a roller coaster over the past three years.
On Dec. 2008, a motorcross accident in Ocala, Florida changed everything.
During one run, she flew off the handlebars and somehow lost her helmet before a face plant.

Almost every bone in her face was broken and Rougoor needed full-facial reconstruction surgery. The impact also severed her spinal cord and paralyzed her from the chest down.

“Merry Christmas!” were the first words Christine Rougoor heard from a nurse, three weeks after waking up from her coma in Hamilton General Hospital.
And amazingly, Rougoor says life since has never felt more vibrant.

“There’ve been ups and downs, but things I think have really turned out in my favor,” she said. “I’ve been able to overcome a lot of obstacles and challenges.'

The footage has become an Internet sensation and turned Miss Rougoor into a star.
Afterwards she said in interview that it gave her a ‘couple of seconds of freedom from any worries and thoughts’.

She added: ‘I would do it again in a heartbeat. The minute I got back, I begged them to push me back over!’
The one minute film shows Miss Rougoor, who is paralyzed from the waist down, in her wheelchair on a bridge in Whistler, British Columbia, with thick blue bungee attached to her chair.

She is hoisted up onto the rails of the bridge to cheers and whoops from the audience.

The camera then films her being then thrown over the edge wheels first - her head flies back then she spins forward and does a 360 degree turn.
As the rope catches and bounces back up again she can be seen holding onto it and waving at the crowd with her other arm.

Miss Rougoor got her wish after winning a competition sponsored by 9Lives Adventures, which specializes in extreme sports for people with disabilities.
The company asked disabled people to send in a video talking about their experiences and Miss Rougoor’s video of her playing tennis in a wheelchair and shooting guns impressed the judges.

She also told how she was in a coma for three weeks following her biking accident whilst on holiday in Florida in 2008 that left her paralyzed.

Rougoor has always been a sports enthusiast, with volleyball and snowboarding filling many days for the Niagara District Secondary School grad.

ATVs and dirt biking were also passions. Ultimately, that took her to a dirt bike track in Florida, where the life-changing accident happened.

Since then, she’s made remarkable recovery and is now doing her masters in education at Brock University.

She has been a community ambassador for Rick Hanson Foundation events, including the local portion of Wheels in Motion. That foundation seeks to find a cure for spinal cord injuries and create more accessible communities.

Rougoor says nothing’s holding her back — on deck are plans to skydive this summer and participate more with 9Lives.

“It’s shown me we can press forward and things can always be achieved,” she said. “Even though you’re scared sometimes, great things can come out of pushing the boundaries.”

“People with limited mobility can live in a two-leg world.”

In the meantime, she continues to live in south Niagara-on-the-Lake with parents Ed and Karen Rougoor— Christine also has an older sister Cindy and younger sister Cathy.

“Her mother and I propel her forward as we do with our other two children,” said Ed. “It’s all about living, and we fully support her.”

“It really has been quite a trip,” he added.
“And as devastating (as my daughter’s accident) was, I can’t believe there’s that many nice people in this world.”

Parts of story written By Don Fraser, and Daniel Bates