Quadriplegic Skydiver J2's Jump #2

On July 29th, 2012 action, adventure, and motor sports enthusiast, John “J2” Mryczko, went on his 2nd skydive jump. The skydive was amazing, but the landing unfortunately didn’t turn out so well. During the landing slide, only two feet away from coming to a stop, his shoe snagged the grass and he twisted his left ankle.

After two days went by and the swelling and bruising didn't go away, J2 decided to get an x-ray. The doctor walked in with the unfortunate news that he had two hairline fractures in his ankle. It was a minor injury that would require him to wear a boot for 4-6 weeks, and he was instructed not to do any running, walking, or jumping for that time period. He laughed at the Doctors comment and said, "So, you’re telling me that I'm stuck in a wheelchair for 5 weeks? I can handle that, but not being able to use my AATV is going to suck."

J2 told us a little about how he felt about the injury:

Its mellow and it could be worse, but no worries—bones heal and I have a good story behind it. I jumped from 14,500 ft. between 2 wall clouds going 120 mph, had a 50-second clear free fall and then 5 seconds through a thin rain cloud. We came out semi-wet then deployed the parachute and glided down for 4 minutes in a light drizzle. We came in for a landing with semi-gusty winds. We were positioned well and slid in on our butts but at the last second, like 2 feet before we stopped, my shoe snagged the grass and I twisted my ankle. These damn sleeping legs and feet, sometimes they just get in the way. At least it didn't happen by running into a wall, or opening a heavy door like some people I know. Haha!

J2 also commented that his injury does not discourage him and he will continue to skydive in the near future. He loves the adrenaline rush and feelings that he gets from all the stunts and sports he is involved in, that is what makes him feel normal, happy, and alive.

To see his first jump, or get more information on John J2 Mryczko at J2RollsOn.com