Winter X Games 15 Mono X


Winter X Games 15 was held in Aspen Colorado from January 27th - 30th.

 This year X Games had 2 adaptive action sports events, Adaptive Snowcross, and Sit Ski, also known as the Mono Ski. This year's Mono X downhill course was long, fast, and very challenging.  It was one of the most dangerous courses ever designed and ridden at X Games and it showed by some bad & hard crashes during the races. There were 11 men and 9 women who competed in the event. Some of the racers were paralyzed, and  others had amputees, or where born with disabilities. The few things they all did have in common is having the courage, drive, and skill to race down such a nary course. Checkout the video below of all the action in the semifinals and finals.

Positions and standings can be found below.