Super Chairing in Las Vegas during Ellis Mania Weekend

  Super Chairing creator and main promoter John J2 Mryczko was once again in Las Vegas from September 15th - 19th. He along with his girlfriend and 2 great friends were there to promote SC and attend Ellis Mania 7. Ellis Mania is a action packed funny unconventional boxing event. The event put together by Jason Ellis, a professional skateboarder and Sirius satellite radio host that helps promote Super Chaing by letting J2 call in with news, stories and updates about Super Chairing. In past Ellis Mania's there have been such fights as 1 arm boxing, blind folded 3 person boxing, shock collar boxing, hot girl boxing, and many others.

Ellis Mania 7 took place at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was a weekend to remember--a huge turnout with close to 3000 people in attendance.  Super Chairing promoted all weekend,handing out stickers and fliers, spreading awareness and gathering new sponsors and fans with every person they spoke with.

Friday started out with an exciting and hilarious live show with Ellis, Rawdog and Tully. JES biggest fans got together for a 4 hour show with drinks, fun and sun! Radio talk was accompanied by Taint Stick karaoke, tossing out tons of freebies and weigh in’s for Saturday Night’s fight.  Later that evening, Ellis Mania fans got together for an intense rock show, where Big B, Unwritten Law, and Death Death Die electrified the night with hard rock and roll. Getting close to the stage was risky that night, slam dance pits took over like a tornado.

There was a huge turnout for the main event on Saturday night, Ellis Mania 7. The fight, sponsored by Dethrone clothing company, featured mind blowing brawls such as the Musical Chair Fight, The Taco Fight, the Transgender Contender , The green team “We Outspoken” vs. Ellis Crew, the Hot Chick fight, the Shock Collar fight, Ellis vs. Cope and last but not least, Deegan vs. Mirra. The crowd roared with excitement for an incredible atmosphere as the fighters put on an unforgettable show. The night ended with a rockin’ after party where the EM7 crew and fans partied and danced into the morning hours at Vanity night club.  

In between events, the Ellis Family could be seen catching up, drinking, laughing, gambling and creating EM7 memories that they would never forget. One fan, Lauren D., expressed her heartfelt emotions about the weekend extravaganza, “See, this is why Ellis Mania is so great, because we’re all a bunch of misfits and we all come together and feel comfortable to be ourselves and fit in together.” The Hard Rock Hotel set the perfect environment for a phenomenal weekend and the biggest turnout in EM history!