Super Chairing at 2011 Abilities Expo


On the weekend of July 8th threw the 10th Super Chairing had its first booth at The Abilities Expo. The Abilities Expo is a 3 day expo for people with high level injuries, limited mobility, and different types of disabilities. The Expo is held in several cities around the united states throughout the year with different dates. Super Chairing was at the Chicago convention which was held in the northwest suburbs at the Shamburg Convention center.  SC setup a great 10x10 booth with the organizations logo and sports photos hanging on a large banner behind the booth. SC had a table setup that was filled with SC fliers and decals that were handed out and taken by expo visitors. There was also a TV on the table that played a compilation of adaptive sports videos that SC member J2 has been a part of for over a decade.

J2 was the spokes person at the show for Super Chairing. He spent 5 hours each day at the booth talking to hundreds of kids and adults with disabilities each day. He answered questions about sports and information found on Super Chairing, but also motivated and inspired hundreds of people by telling his own story and chairing history.

The Abilities Expo was filled with over one hundred different companies and organizations that had products and services for people with disabilities. Many of the booths were popular to expo visitors but none had a steady large crowds at their booths like Super Chairing.  Many people signed up for a raffle Super Chairing was also having at the end of the weekend. The raffle prize was a free skydive provided by Midwest Skydive. With over 100 brave entrees entered in the raffle the lucky person that was randomly picked was 37 year old Bob Bushbader who has a spinal cord injury. SC will follow and write a story about Bobs skydive experience this fall.

Overall the Abilities Expo was a huge success for Super Chairing. We promoted and were seen by more than a thousand people who had nothing but great things to say about this Adaptive Action, Adventure, & Motor Sports Organization.  Super Chairing will be back at Chicago's Abilities Expo next year but will also be at the Expo before that in Atlanta from February 17-19 2012. If you are there then come and checkout the Super Chairing booth!

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped Super Chairing setup and promote at the expo this year, you rock ;)

Video above from 2010 Abilities Expo