12 Years of Chairing


June 3rd for many of people just maybe a regular day, but for
John "J2" Mryczko it was significant day and always will be. It is the day he was paralyzed after having a motorcycle accident at age 19. This year marks 12 years since his injury. As much time as has passed J2 has not wasted any of it just sitting around. In the 12 years he has been injured he has rolled thousands of miles, has rolled to 2 different states, has been involved in several adaptive sports, has gone to hundreds of events and concerts, has traveled all over the United States, has traveled over seas, has met and talked to thousands of new people, and continues to work on several big projects.

To say that his spinal cord injury slowed him down would just not be right. It did change a few things around and make life more challenging, but he has taken the challenge head on and rolled with it.

J2 had this to say...

"12 years ago today at this very same time I was laying in the ER and getting all tubed up and ready for surgery.  It does not seem like it has been that long ago. It sucks that it happened, and having a SCI sucks too, but other than that I love my life, love all that I have, and love all my family & friends who have been there and here all these years. From here on this will be the last year I will be completely paralyzed from C5 level. I may not run a marathon in the next 2 years, but I will have new movement and improvement ;) Other then movement the 4 big projects I have been working on have just been getting bigger, better, and moving forward. The next 4 years will be very busy but at the end will be worth all the time, work, and effort.  

I wish all my family, friends, and fans a happy and safe summer! It's the start of SCI season so keep your third eye open. SCI's happen in thousands of different ways, from driving, diving, sports, ladders, working on the job, and just plain having fun accidents.  It does not mean be scared and stop doing stuff. Many times SCI's happen and its out of your control.  Live life to the fullest but think 3 times if you know you're doing something foolish ;) "

More information on John "J2" Mryczko at www.J2RollsOn.com