Winter X Games 14 Mono X

Video of the finals coming 2/8/2010
  Its January 2010 and that means Winter X Games is Back again. Winter X has many sports in it including skiing, snow boarding, and snow cross, but most important they have Mono X! The mono-ski is designed so the skier can independently load onto the chairlift. This provides the opportunity for an independent ski experience. A mono-skier can achieve a very high skill level and ski some of the most challenging terrain. In Mono X 4 riders race against each other on a downhill course full of bends and multiple jump obstacles. The 2 top riders advance into the next round to battle again.
This years Mono X final will be televised on Sunday January 31st 12pm - 5:30pm on ESPN

Mono Skier X Participants

Athlete Name Country
Erik Bayindirli USA
Kevin Bramble USA
Kevin Connelly TBD
Eric Corbett USA
John Davis USA
Chris Devlin-Young USA
John Knudsen USA
Jim Martinson USA
Scotty Meyer USA
Greg Peck TBD
Tyler Walker USA
Scotty Meyer, a member of the Copper Mountain Freeride Team, has been skiing for only five seasons, yet he's already competed in three Winter X Games and qualified for four of the five World Cup Paralympic racing disciplines. The 2010 X Course may be intimidating, but to Meyer, a guy who spent two full years in the hospital and underwent nearly 100 surgeries, all things are relative. (Dave Lehl/ESPN Action Sports)
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