First Wheelchair Double Backflip


On August 26th of 2010 Aaron Fotheringham also known as "Wheelz" pulled the first double back flip in a manual wheelchair. Four years before this in July of 2006 he was the first one to pull the single back flip in a wheelchair. Since that day Wheelz has been recognized by many people and has had his 15 minutes of fame and more.  He has stepped up his Chairing tricks and has been consistent with landing many of them. He has now put his chair and his body to the limits trying this double back flip. There were many and several bad slams and falls while attempting the double back. This trick is so dangerous that Wheelz takes the risk of breaking his neck and becoming even more paralyzed, but he has trained for many years and wears the proper safety equipment. Check out this video as Wheelz rolls things to a completely new level.

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