Ocean Healing Group


Extreme Chairing has found a great foundation to help promote, and to help donate too with a portion of Extreme Chairing's 2010 donations.

The Ocean Healing Group is a non-profit 501c3 foundation, dedicated to providing a once in a lifetime, adaptive sports adventures, to wheelchair bound youngsters and there parents. It's there collective mission, to expose kids to a variety  of sports and activities, things they would never have the opportunity to experience otherwise... Including but not limited to Surfing, Snorkling, zip-line Tours, Fishing, Quad Riding, Nature Tours and Horseback Riding.  Donations provide food, travel and lodging expenses for these disabled youngsters, but really so much more than that. They provide rehabilitation for the soul, a new found sense of adventure and perhaps most importantly of all ; The experience that when they drive themselves to achive, they can accomplish anything! It is this mindset, that makes up the core philosophy of the Ocean Healing Group!

More info at http://oceanhealinggroup.org/


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