Extreme Chairing is working together with Freedom Vehicles, a new company that manufactures AATV's (Adaptive All Terrain Vehicles) for people with high level injuries and limited mobility.

There are not many action sports, and no adaptive recreational
vehicles that are available for those with high-level injuries and
limited mobility. These vehicles give new challenges, adventure,
independence, and new sense of freedom to people with all types of disabilities.

All Freedom Vehicles are built to fit the customer and his needs. Freedom Vehicles are modified to be operated by joystick, or by simple hand controls. There joystick vehicles are set up to operate gas, brake, and steering all on a single or double joystick configuration. A person who can operate a power wheelchair can operate a Freedom Vehicle. These vehicles are good for the mind, body, and soul. When driving through the trails or open fields, this Freedom Vehicle turns into wings, and gives a disabled person a taste of the freedom they once had,
or never had. The first production model will be available to order in Spring of 2010. These vehicles are going to change many lifes and will even start a new AATV racing class.

More information at www.FreedomVehicles.com

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