Ellis Mania 5 "Get these Brawls"


Extreme Chairing creator and main promoter John J2 Mryczko will once again be in Las Vegas from April 1st to April 5th. He along with his 9 entourage of family and friends will be there to promote EC and attend Ellis Mania 5. Ellis Mania is a action packed funny unconventional boxing event. The event put together by Jason Ellis, a professional skateboarder and Sirius satellite radio host. In past Ellis Mania's there have been such fights as 1 arm boxing, blind folded 3 person boxing, shock collar boxing, hot girl boxing, and many others. This Ellis Mania fights have gotten even more unconventional with fights going from standing to sitting. It will feature one fight between two guys in wheelchairs. One fighter by the name of Mark Zupan who is a professional quad rugby player and has a SCI, will be fighting a able bodied fighter in a wheelchair. This fighter is none other then Jason Ellis. Who will win when legs are taken out of the ring and wheels are brought in? Extreme Chairing will be there to get the video, pictures, and story of the out come of Ellis Mania 5 Get these Brawls.


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    Video by: Cruzr Boy      
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