Adaptive Motor Sports Park
Pepsi Challenge

Voting starts 1/03/11
Voting starts 1/03/11

Extreme Chairing has been promoting Adaptive Action & Adventure Sports as well as the athletes who participate in them for 7 years now. Extreme Chairing has inspired many with and without disabilities. We have helped many people with disabilities find new outlets and have opened up a world of different sports that are able to be performed despite a person's limited physical ability. Extreme Chairing has always wanted to do even more for kids, adults, and veterans with high level injuries or limited mobility.


Extreme Chairing has plans and a dream to help build the first ever Adaptive Motor Sports Park & Resort. AMS Park will have several Adaptive All Terrain Vehicles (AATV) for people with all types of disabilities to use. Each AATV is able to be fully controlled by a single or double joystick configuration. That means gas, brake, and steering are all controlled by simply using a joystick just like the ones found on any power wheelchair. AMS Park will feature over 30 Acres of different terrain for riding, from built tracks to forest trails, and different obstacle courses. There will be everything for the beginners to the experts.

If someone is not out riding then they can relax in the accessible pool or hot tub. There is also a bar, billiard room, and movie media room. If it's more excitement a person is looking for they can take a 10 minute car ride and go sky diving. The sky dive facility nearby is completely capable of taking anyone including people with disabilities flying. AMS Park will have accessible rooms inside, or camping outside in large accessible tents in the woods near the pond for those who want to stay for more than one day.

AMS Park will be made for people with disabilities but will have plenty of things to do including have  regular ATV's and buggies for their family and friends. Adaptive Motor Sports Park will be located 90 minutes from downtown Chicago and 60 minutes from downtown Milwaukee.  It will be located near many popular city, lake, and tourist destinations. With such a prime location close to 2 big major cities and airports we will welcome people from all around the world to come and experience the excitement, fun and freedom of driving a AATV. Extreme Chairing is dedicated to helping improve people's lives, and if even for a little bit help take the dis out of dis-ability.

We are looking for donators, sponsors and investors to help us get things rolling along. We are also looking for grants that could help us. We have just entered a contest created by Pepsi . This contest gives people and organizations a chance to submit their ideas and win money to pursue and start them. With YOUR HELP we can win a $250,000 grant to start this life changing AMS Park. All you need to do is to VOTE for this dream to come true.

You can vote everyday in December! The Organization, idea, and dream at the end of December with the most votes wins! Please help us promote by telling all your family and friends to also go and vote.