2014 TWSA Event in Venice Beach California

  Ok everyone here is another very very awesome event coming up July 19th in Venice Beach California! This event will be held by The Life Rolls On Organization. They are holding an Event and Contest not like many other you usually see. There will be athletes with disabilities that will be doing stunts and tricks in their manual wheelchairs. WCMX & Chairing started many years ago but are gaining more popularity as each year passes. There have been more events in the last two years then ever all around the United States, but this event just like skateboarding is being held at one of the first places that it was started and is most popular.

You don't want to miss out so go over and register or volunteer if you live in the area or are traveling to LA California. Please share and talk about this event with your friends and family. The more the word gets out the more support and sponsors will be found for these events and for the athletes that participate in them.
More Info at - http://www.LifeRollsOn.org