Donating to Super Chairing

Super Chairing is a tax exempt 501 c3 Non Profit Organization that uses money raised to help several great causes. Super Chairing relies heavily on the generosity of individual giving. Each and every donation has an impact on the future of this organization, the amount of programs we can help for those whose lives have been changed by high level injuries and limited mobility, and the potential for breakthroughs in spinal cord injury research. By volunteering your financial support, you make a difference.  We hope to raise more money as each season goes by in order to be able to help these main points we focus on…        

  • Promoting and giving information about Adaptive Action & Adventure Sports to those with and without disabilities.               
  • Setting up Power Wheelchair Racing events for people with high level injuries and limited mobility.
  • Setting up Adaptive All Terrain Vehicle riding events for people with high level injuries and limited mobility.
  • Sponsoring Adaptive Action & Adventure Sports events and contests.
  • Promoting and Sponsoring Action & Adventure Sports athletes with disabilities.
  • Educating  the public as well as speaking to children about Spinal Cord Injuries and other disabilities
    that force people to use wheelchairs in their daily lives.

Please help Super Chairing by donating financially, donating time, or donating parts and used wheelchairs. We ask and thank you for any help that will keep us rolling stronger and longer.

All Donations are Tax Deductible