Trail Ride 2015

Super Chairing presents Trail Ride 2015!!
The longest off road chairing trail ride of the year! All taking place through the forest and spanning a total of 40 miles that will take 2 days too complete. The starting point of the Trail ride is at Pottawatomie Woods off of Dundee Rd in Northbrook Illinois and will end at the Wisconsin state border.

Super Chairing and all participants will be riding to raise awareness, and money for Super Chairing programs. Participants in wheelchairs will also be racing for prize money as well as other give aways.

Our goal this year is to raise money that will be used towards funding for the Adaptive Sports Ranch.
We are getting more participants involved this year than any other. We are looking for people both in wheelchairs and on bikes to participate in the Trail Ride Challenge!

If you are living a chairing life there are many action, adventure, or motor sports available for people with high level injuries, and limited mobility. Power Wheelchair Racing, Riding, & Chairing can be done by anyone who is in, or has a power chair. A big loss when a person gets or has a disability is they lose much of their independence. When you are out on those trails or tracks you are in control. You are not only competing against others, you are also competing against nature, and your personal best. These events are great for the mind, body, and soul. It turns a wheelchair into wings and gives you a sense of the freedom and independence you once had, or never had.

Super Chairing is a non profit organization that is looking for individuals and companies to donate and sponsor Trail Ride 2015. The money raised is for a very noble cause and will help both the progression towards a cure for spinal cord injuries, and the progression and growth of Super Chairing.
There are many ways to help support these sports and this event, either by participating, volunteering, or being a sponsor. Everyone’s involvement is very important.

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Event date will be posted on 6/1/2015

These are the distances and average times between stops.
Stops are used for check points, repairs, recharging, & help
From Distance Time of travel
Start - Finish day 1 20 miles 2-4 hours
Start - CP 1 8 miles 80 minutes
CP - CP 2 6 miles 60 minutes
CP 2 - Finish Day 1 Independence Grove 6 miles 60 minutes
Day 2          
From Distance Time of travel
Start Day 2 20 miles 2-4 hours
Start D2 - CP 1 7 miles 70 minutes
CP 1 - CP 2 7 miles 70 minutes
CP 2 - Finish 6 miles 60 minutes