Super Chairing's 2015 Summer Skydive Giveaways

Super Chairing gives away several FREE Skydive Vouchers each year in the summer months. Most vouchers are provided by Skydive Midwest which is located outside of Racine Wisconsin! It doesn't matter if you do or do not have a high level injury or limited mobility, everyone who is a Super Chairing fan can enter for a chance to win.

If you do have a injury, disability, or limited mobility have no fear Skydive Midwest is trained and experienced in taking almost anyone flying.
They take many disabled and paralyzed people skydiving every year.
One of those people is SC's own athlete and promoter J2 who is a C5 comp
quadriplegic and has been skydiving with Skydive Midwest since 2010.

All you need to do is fill out the form bellow and you will be entered in our
online raffle. Our next skydive giveaways start in June of 2015!

If you are looking to skydive in the Chicago or Milwaukee area Skydive Midwest is the closest ad best drop zone near Chicago and Milwaukee.

Located just 10 miles off the shore line of Lake Michigan, Skydive Midwest's scenic view is the only skydiving center that overlooks the skyline of Chicago - the best view in the Chicago area, hands down!

Sign up now to win a free chance of a lifetime!

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Good Luck! Starting in June of 2015 we will start giving away 1-3 skydives each month. We are also in the process of expanding our giveaways all over the United States. So tell us where your from and maybe we'll throw you out of a perfectly good airplane.
Want More Chances to Win?
For Every Dollar you spend on Super Chairing Merchandise or Donate to Super Chairing gives you that many more digital raffle tickets.
(example: Spend or Donate $10 and you get 10 extra chances in the drawing.)