2014 SC Adaptive Sports DVD - "Taking the Dis out of Disability"


On the new 2014 SC Adaptive Adrenalin Filled Sports DVD you will see several action-packed videos that feature dozens of different types of adaptive action, adventure, and motor sports mixed together to music that will motivate and inspire everyone who sees them. There are also several videos featuring athlete’s profiles and stories. This is the best collections of videos ever put together all in one package that will shock, awe and surprise everyone! Regardless if someone has a high-level injury, limited mobility, disability, or is a fine and healthy able-bodied person this DVD is a must-see for everybody!

Not only does this DVD educate, motivate, and inspire, but for many people it will be a life changer.

Comes with FREE Decals & Bracelet
HD DVD or HD Bluray Disc
Color of Bracelet
Double Disc in HD
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This Video is being sold and given out as a non for profit item.
All and any proceeds will go to help sponsor the athletes and enthusiasts featured in this DVD. A part of the proceeds will also go towards helping the
Super Chairing Organization grow so that we can help inspire, motivate, and educate more people all around the world.

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