Adaptive Motor Sports Park & Resort

Super Chairing has been promoting Adaptive Action Adventure, & Motor Sports as well as the athletes who participate in them since 2003.
Super Chairing has inspired thousands of people with and without disabilities. We have helped many people with disabilities find new outlets and have opened up a world of different sports that are able to be performed despite a person's limited physical ability. Super Chairing has always wanted to do even more for kids, adults, and veterans with high level injuries or limited mobility. Super Chairing has plans to start building the first ever Adaptive Motor Sports Park & Resort. This will only be done if we find enough people who would like this idea and then we need to find donators, investors, and sponsors to contribute towards this wonderfull park. Read bellow for the description of the future AMS Park & Resort.

Adaptive Motor Sports Park & Resort is a haven for people with high-level injuries, limited mobility, and different disabilities to escape to and experience a new sense of adventure and freedom. AMS Park has several great outdoor activities with a focus on AATV’s. We have several different types of Adaptive All Terrain Vehicles which can be operated by children and adults with special needs. Each AATV is controlled by a single or double joystick configuration. Gas, brake, and steering, are all controlled by simply using a joystick, similar to the ones found on any power wheelchair.Any individual who has the ability to use a power wheelchair can drive a AATV; even those who have not can learn quickly.

We have AATV’s for every skill level.These range from AATV’s which reach a speed of up to 20 MPH, for beginners and children, to AATV’s which reach speeds up to 55MPH, for those ready for the full off road racing experience. We also have standard ATV’s with steering wheels and gas and brake pedals for friends and family or those who do not need the modified joystick ATV. Each AATVis equipped with a row cage and five point seat belt restraints, which increase its safety factor.


AMS Park has over 50 acres of land with numerous AATV tracks, trails and obstacles in both open fields and hidden forest.  Individuals can also engage in activities such as kayaking or boating. We utilize both standard as well as adaptive paddle and motor boats.  AMS has a vast, fresh water lagoon spanning 3 acres. It offers exciting water sport opportunities, including swimming, tubing, snorkeling, and much more! Daring individuals can also heighten their experience by visiting the nearby skydiving facility. They offer skydiving daily and take thousands of people up in the air each year, including those with disabilities.


We offer many relaxing activities on our resort as well. Individuals can spend time in our state of the art swimming pool and hot tub, both of which have lifting systems in place for those who need assistance entering and exiting the water. We also have a movie and game room with variety of forms of entertainment. Evening hours are bustling with excitement in our bar and club where music hits play to“get your dance and roll on", or sit outside by a roaring camp fire.

AMS Park & Resort excels with several great lodging options. We have a large main lodge as well as multiple small cabins on the property. All of our lodging has many accessible features including roll in showers. In addition to this housing, many accessible camping areas exist on the property in areas within the woods, open fields, and an exotic area on the island in the middle of our lagoon.

AMS Park is located near Yorkville, Wisconsin, a short 80 minute drive from Chicago Illinois or 60 minutes from Milwaukee Wisconsin. We are also 30 minutes from lake Michigan and several other popular tourist vacation areas.
Being in proximity of two major cities and airports allows us to welcome everyone from around the world to come and experience the fun, adventure, freedom, and great times at Adaptive Motor Sports Park & Resort.

COMING in 2012 / 2013 - If you are interested in coming to, staying at, donating to, or sponsoring Adaptive Motor Sports Park & Resort please Contact us or fill out the form bellow.

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